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Ordering directly is cheaper than going through an agent due to lower shipping costs. It may be harder to swap shoes, though, because he sends them when you get your QC. You primarily pay using either Western Union or Internet Banking, which can be done online or at a local location, such as at the grocery store. There is a fee ranging from $5-10 and above for using these services.

The process:

  1. Add PhanOfficial through WeChat and wait for us to add you
  2. Ask us any questions you have about sizing, shipping, costs, etc.
  3. Tell us which products you want to order
  4. He will give you a breakdown of the costs (products shipping)
  5. You can ask to drop the boxes for cheaper shipping
  6. Send us the money through WU/IB, and make sure we receives it (WU/MTCN)
  7. Once He is received the money, he should get QC pics to you within 1-2 days (you might have to remind him). He will ask for your shipping address.
  8. Give him the green light or red light on the products (though he will most likely send them anyways if you try to RL, so be prepared to accept flawed shoes if you get a not-so-good pair).
  9. Ask for the tracking number, and wait for you shoes to arrive. You are done.

We has recently put up his new website, and I am not sure how to use it to order, if that can be done. If anyone knows, you can comment below, and I will add it to this post.


Contact us via Whatsapp

+84 904880708

Thank you for shopping with Phan Official.